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2016+ Honda Civic Install Guide Cup Holder Hero

Thank you for purchasing our liners! If you have any issues (missing pieces, can't find where a piece goes, problems with fit, etc.) please email us at support@cupholderhero.com or by clicking the contact us button in the lower left corner.


Pre Install Cleaning

To begin your installation please make sure you cup holders and other pockets are clean. To get the liners to "stick" and stay in place they pockets must be clean. We recommend simply using a wet rag to remove previous crumbs and spills. But you may have to get more aggressive depending on the condition of your cup holders. IMPORTANT: If you have previously used a UV protectant or interior detailing cleaner in your pockets such as Armor-All or 303 Aerospace, or have just picked up from the dealership we recommend you clean you pockets with at least 50% isopropyl alcohol to remove this residue as the mats may not "stick" and may slide around. 


Now simply follow the location map at the very bottom of this page or enjoy a fun puzzle learning about all the spots in your car. To install simply drop the mat into the corresponding pocket. If you have any issues at all or just want to say hello email us at support@cupholderhero.com we usually respond within 4 minutes 16/7/365

Post Install Cleaning

To clean our liners simply use the small tab on the liner (only located on some liners) to lift it from the car. Be careful not to spill any crumbs. Now simply shake the crumbs off and if needed you can wash it in the kitchen sink under warm water. BE CAREFUL IF YOU ARE VACUUMING YOUR POCKETS AS THEY MAY GET SUCKED UP!

Common Problems

Missing Pieces?

Please Contact Us. Support@cupholderhero.com or  click the contact us button in the lower left corner. We will send you replacements out right away

Mat Not Sitting Flat/Curled Up?

Sometimes the mats might get bent a bit in shipping and deform. They should settle down in a few weeks in your car. If they do not please place them out in the sun for a bit on a flat surface. If you still have issues just send us an email. support@cupholderhero.com

"I have extra pieces" 

This is very common. We include extra pieces to fit all trim levels of the car. If you read on the install guide at the bottom of the page you can see how many pieces should be left over depending on what options your car has.

If you ordered a back liner kit separately, please see the instructions below: